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morssen from the material quality control of Co. Ltd. grabbed bearing, in order to ensure product reliability and consistency, the principle of quality management is a broad and basic rule or belief, to control and operation of an organization, in order to meet the needs of all the beneficiaries of the organization at the same time, take the customer as the center for continuous improvement.
is a perfect and effective quality management system must have four basic principles: first, the definition of
is "to meet the requirements of quality", rather than "good"; the core of
second, the quality system is the "prevention", rather than test;
third, the working standard must be "zero defect";
fourth the standard of measure is used, does not meet the requirements of cost assessment.
more than 4 concepts, is the overall, comprehensive, highly participatory, more need to have outstanding leadership, and its front highlights the importance of customer oriented (rather than the product oriented).