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     Co., Ltd. after nearly thirty years of focus on development, the current high-end motor bearing market has been established. In order to meet the needs of the continuous development of the market, improve the company's R & D capabilities, put a lot of money to set up the engineering technology center, and through the Ningbo Municipal Engineering Center assessment.
engineering technology center is equipped with all kinds of advanced research and development, testing equipment and other facilities: bearing life test machine, Taylor roughmeter, sealed bearing grease leakage dust temperature rise test machine, simulation machine, measuring instrument, projectors, roundness measuring instrument, vibration detector etc.. And specially designated for professional production processing equipment research and development, with a strong R & D capability and conditions.
sets bearing laboratory, product development room and testing center, research and development, process design for new products, R & D personnel number 58. The research and development of
engineering technology center is mainly engaged in bearing theory, product design, process equipment, precision instruments, materials engineering, precision testing, test technology and integrated technology of rolling. And take the high speed and high precision bearings, special bearings, bearing special testing instrument, bearing CNC grinding special product small batch trial and large-scale production of
Engineering Technology Center since its inception in bearing high precision and long life, the development and application of ultra high speed field has mature technology and equipment. The specific results are as follows: the utility model patent 15 items, the invention patent 2 items.
     The development of the company’s quality management system:
through the ISO14001 Environmental protection system certification;
through the ISO/TS16949 quality management system.